AILabTools API - Face Key Points - Introduction

Locate key points for faces in pictures and return the commonly used 72, 150, 201 face key point coordinate positions, including face outline, eyes, eyebrows, lips and nose outline, etc., which can be applied to beauty shooting, video stickers and other scenarios to enrich user play.

Application Scenarios

  • Interactive entertainment: It supports accurate positioning of facial features and contours, and can realize interactive entertainment functions such as special effects camera, dynamic stickers, and small video play.
  • Facial feature analysis: support the accurate positioning of facial features and contours to achieve facial feature analysis, landing in intelligent medical beauty and other products.
  • Beauty shooting: high-precision face key points can be shaped for beauty, landing in a variety of beauty scenarios such as pictures, videos, and live broadcasts.
  • High-precision algorithm: Based on a large amount of precision labeled data training, the algorithm is highly accurate, perfectly fits the face and adapts to various face postures and expressions.
  • Wide range of applications: support different photos and face sizes, support various indoor, outdoor and other environmental scenarios, and facilitate various business expansion.
  • Stable and reliable service: provide stable and accurate high traffic service, and support millisecond recognition response.

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