AILabTools API - Photo to Painting - Introduction

You can convert images into cartoon, pencil, colored pencil, or gothic oil painting, colored sugar cube oil painting, shouting oil painting, Kanagawa Surf Lane oil painting, whimsical oil painting, lavender oil painting and other styles.

Application Scenarios

  • Image Fun Processing: Integrate the service into the Meitu app, fun activity pages, and more. Simply upload a picture and instantly convert it into a cartoon or sketch style to enjoy the diverse styles of the original image.

Renderings show

Original image Original image Original image
cartoon `cartoon` `cartoon`
pencil `pencil` `pencil`
color_pencil `color_pencil` `color_pencil`
warm `warm` `warm`
wave `wave` `wave`
lavender `lavender` `lavender`
mononoke `mononoke` `mononoke`
scream `scream` `scream`
gothic `gothic` `gothic`

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