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AILabTools API - Skin analyze Pro - Version Logs

  • New moisture detection: water deficiency area percentage, severity, and moisture detection pictures.
  • New sensitive area detection.
  • New color deposition area polygon and coordinate detection.
  • New wrinkles and wrinkle score, severity level and other 12 detail parameters, roughness function (including facial roughness area, severity level, texture detection pictures).
  • New score system (including functional scores such as wrinkles and moisture), rectangular box coordinates of eye bags, and facial contour line coordinates.
  • New marker color custom adjustment for blemishes, acne, pores, blackheads, etc., facial spot and acne coordinates plotting chart, left and right eye black eye contour line coordinates, apple muscle coordinates, jaw line angle judgment.
  • 2023-04-05V1.6.2
  • New quality detection (including face ratio, face coordinates, bangs ratio, face angle value).
  • New optional parameter for left and right side face result.
  • 2023-06-14V1.6.6
  • Determine if the photo is wearing eyeglasses.
  • Added scores for left and right dark circles and pore sections (forehead, left and right cheeks, chin).
  • Updated the logic of calculating the total score of pores and the total score of dark circles.
  • 2023-07-28V1.7.1
  • Added the judgment of whether the jawline is standard or not.
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