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AILabTools API - File Storage Policy

We value the security and privacy of your data and take measures to ensure the safe storage and management of your personal information and sensitive data.

  • Storage Measures

    Uploaded files by users will be stored on securely validated physical devices or trusted cloud service providers, and encrypted to ensure the security of the data.

  • File Retention Period

    We have established a file retention policy that specifies the retention period and disposal procedures for files, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and industry standards. Different APIs have different file retention policies; please refer to the documentation of the API you are using for specific retention policies.

  • Review and Update

    We regularly review and update our file storage policy to reflect changing legal requirements and best practices, ensuring continuous improvement of our data management and security measures.

  • Enforcement

    We strictly enforce the file storage policy, taking appropriate corrective actions against any violations, and safeguarding your personal information and sensitive data from unauthorized access or misuse.


If you have any questions about this File Storage Policy, please contact us and we will reply to your message as soon as possible.