AILabTools API - Image Erasure - Introduction

Based on deep learning algorithm, erase the specified area in the image and automatically fill the background to repair the image. One click to call the API interface, integrate this function into your website, software, APP application, and enjoy the high quality image processing function.

Application Scenarios

  • Logo erasure: Erase common logos in images, such as logos, text, subtitles, etc., which can be used for image material re-creation.
  • Portrait Erase: Erase extra portraits in the image, such as background portraits of passers-by, pedestrians, etc., in addition to the main character, to highlight the subject of the photo.
  • Clutter Erase: Erase excess objects from the image, such as trash cans, buildings, or power lines, and retain the original photo resolution.
  • Other scenes: applicable to other elements erasure, automatically fill the background obscured by the erased area, the effect is real and natural
  • Strong R&D strength: We have an independent AI R&D team, supported by massive data, rich algorithm landing scenarios, and long-term partnership with many brands.
  • Efficient and convenient: The API solution is mature, with standardized documentation & full technical support, making it easier for developers to access and enjoy image processing services quickly.

Renderings show

image user_mask Result
image user mask Result

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