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AILabTools API - Image Invisible Text Watermark - Introduction

Image blind watermarking algorithm, add/parse watermark, add content as text. Algorithm service body is divided into two: encode_text , decode_text .

Application Scenarios

  • Copyright protection: The author of the image enjoys the copyright according to the law. Adding invisible watermark to the image can prove the copyright ownership of the image for the author or authorized person of the image, and avoid the image being used illegally without the authorization of the author.
  • Preventing information leakage: In the pictures of confidential information, different invisible watermarks are put on the pictures for different visitors. If the image is leaked, the source of the leak can be investigated by analyzing the invisible watermark.
  • Concealed and reliable effect: Invisible watermark compared with the traditional stamp watermark, which can not be detected by the viewer, does not affect the picture effect.
  • Resolvability: The watermark is resolved by the invisible text watermark of the image to prove the copyright ownership of the image.

Renderings show

encode_textAILabAPIorigin image-jpgwatermark image url-
encode_text_plusAILabAPIorigin image-jpgwatermark image url-
encode_text_boldAILabAPIorigin image-jpgwatermark image url-
decode_text-origin imagewatermark image url--text image
decode_text_plus--watermark image url--text image
decode_text_bold--watermark image url--text image

If you'd like to see the actual effects, please visit the experience page for a trial.

Billing Instructions

  • A certain number of credits will be consumed for each successful API call.

Amount of Credits Deducted

APINumber of Credits
Image Invisible Text Watermark3

Resource Package

Universal Credits (Supports All APIs)

AmountsCreditsAmounts/CreditAllowable Call Count (Image Invisible Text Watermark)One-Time Amount (Image Invisible Text Watermark)
$ 12.002,000$ 0.0060667$ 0.0180
$ 27.505,000$ 0.00551,667$ 0.0165
$ 50.0010,000$ 0.00503,333$ 0.0150
$ 135.0030,000$ 0.004510,000$ 0.0135
$ 212.0050,000$ 0.004316,667$ 0.0129
$ 400.00100,000$ 0.004033,333$ 0.0120
$ 1,050.00300,000$ 0.0035100,000$ 0.0105
$ 1,500.00500,000$ 0.0030166,667$ 0.0090
$ 2,500.001,000,000$ 0.0025333,333$ 0.0075

If you require more credits, please contact us at [email protected].

File Storage Policy

  • Uploaded Files: Not stored.
  • Response Files:
    • Storage Duration: 24 hours.
    • Deletion Method: Automatic Deletion upon Timeout.