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AILabTools API - Age & Gender swap - Introduction

Edit the face attribute features to achieve gender swap, age change and other special effects to generate a variety of special effects photos for users.

Application Scenarios

  • Fun social: In the social field, you can use the face attribute editing ability to create creative social activities and fun ideas to form pop-up activities through community fission.
  • Short video: Realize the production of short video with fun face attribute editing, which is fun and at the same time can meet the user's demand for cognition and display of their own image.
  • Marketing: Apply face attribute editing effects to produce creative content, allowing users to experience "fun" technology while independently spreading marketing activities or advertising to achieve the effect of brand promotion.
  • Key point positioning: The algorithm accurately includes eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose and face contour, providing 72 high-precision key points FDDB official measurement.
  • Fast response time: Using advanced neural portrait editing technology, the single image feature extraction speed (GPU), on average, reaches 100 ms, enabling fast response to face attribute transformation and generating a new face with the desired attributes.
  • Excellent effect: the output face's expression, angle, background and other attributes are highly compatible with the input face, generating a unique artificial intelligence face effect with high image generation quality to meet the demand for visual effects.

Renderings show

Before processingaction_type=TO_OLDaction_type=TO_KIDaction_type=TO_FEMALEaction_type=TO_MALEaction_type=V2_AGE】【target=70action_type=V2_GENDER】【target=0/1
Before processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processing
Before processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processingAfter processing

If you'd like to see the actual effects, please visit the experience page for a trial.

Billing Instructions

  • A certain number of credits will be consumed for each successful API call.

Amount of Credits Deducted

APINumber of Credits
Age & Gender swap8

Resource Package

Universal Credits (Supports All APIs)

AmountsCreditsAmounts/CreditAllowable Call Count (Age & Gender swap)One-Time Amount (Age & Gender swap)
$ 12.002,000$ 0.0060250$ 0.0480
$ 27.505,000$ 0.0055625$ 0.0440
$ 50.0010,000$ 0.00501,250$ 0.0400
$ 135.0030,000$ 0.00453,750$ 0.0360
$ 212.0050,000$ 0.00436,250$ 0.0344
$ 400.00100,000$ 0.004012,500$ 0.0320
$ 1,050.00300,000$ 0.003537,500$ 0.0280
$ 1,500.00500,000$ 0.003062,500$ 0.0240
$ 2,500.001,000,000$ 0.0025125,000$ 0.0200

If you require more credits, please contact us at [email protected].

File Storage Policy

  • Uploaded Files: Not stored.
  • Response Files: Not stored.