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AILabTools API - Face Beauty - Introduction

It can optimize the beauty of faces in authorized images, supporting various effects such as peeling, removing dark circles, lines, and whitening.

Application Scenarios

  • Beauty Camera: Photos taken by Beauty Camera will come with beauty effect.
  • Live video broadcasting: The anchors in the live broadcast room can make themselves more attractive and have more fans' attention through face beauty technology.
  • Short video production: User-made short videos with face beauty technology can enhance the viewing effect.
  • Photography post-production: Through the face beauty technology based on deep learning, it can improve the artistic effect of portrait photography.
  • Face beautification: You can take photos with effects such as peeling, removing dark circles and lines under the eyes, and whitening.
  • Clarity maintenance: You can maintain the clarity of the original film.

Renderings show


If you'd like to see the actual effects, please visit the experience page for a trial.

Billing Instructions

  • A certain number of credits will be consumed for each successful API call.

Amount of Credits Deducted

APINumber of Credits
Face Beauty5

Resource Package

Universal Credits (Supports All APIs)

AmountsCreditsAmounts/CreditAllowable Call Count (Face Beauty)One-Time Amount (Face Beauty)
$ 12.002,000$ 0.0060400$ 0.0300
$ 27.505,000$ 0.00551,000$ 0.0275
$ 50.0010,000$ 0.00502,000$ 0.0250
$ 135.0030,000$ 0.00456,000$ 0.0225
$ 212.0050,000$ 0.004310,000$ 0.0215
$ 400.00100,000$ 0.004020,000$ 0.0200
$ 1,050.00300,000$ 0.003560,000$ 0.0175
$ 1,500.00500,000$ 0.0030100,000$ 0.0150
$ 2,500.001,000,000$ 0.0025200,000$ 0.0125

If you require more credits, please contact us at [email protected].

File Storage Policy

  • Uploaded Files: Not stored.
  • Response Files:
    • Storage Duration: 24 hours.
    • Deletion Method: Automatic Deletion upon Timeout.