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AILabTools API - Merge Portraits - Introduction

Based on computer vision technologies such as 3D face/GAN, the image fusion operation is performed on the portraits in the stencil and fusion maps, and the fused image is returned.

Application Scenarios

  • Beauty tools: choose different style templates to generate personalized pictures, enhance the sense of immersion and improve interaction.
  • Event marketing: Attract users to interact and share through specific templates during festivals or hot events.
  • Promotion and propaganda: you can add portrait fusion in h5 or other forms of communication to promote products and activities.
  • High resemblance: retaining user features in all aspects, with high resemblance to the original portrait.
  • Strong adaptability: Outstanding effect in various subdivision scenes, applicable to different age, gender, expression, angle and lighting conditions.
  • Expression retention: high restoration of the expression of the original portrait.

Renderings show


If you'd like to see the actual effects, please visit the experience page for a trial.

Billing Instructions

  • A certain number of credits will be consumed for each successful API call.

Amount of Credits Deducted

APINumber of Credits
Merge Portraits8

Resource Package

Universal Credits (Supports All APIs)

AmountsCreditsAmounts/CreditAllowable Call Count (Merge Portraits)One-Time Amount (Merge Portraits)
$ 12.002,000$ 0.0060250$ 0.0480
$ 27.505,000$ 0.0055625$ 0.0440
$ 50.0010,000$ 0.00501,250$ 0.0400
$ 135.0030,000$ 0.00453,750$ 0.0360
$ 212.0050,000$ 0.00436,250$ 0.0344
$ 400.00100,000$ 0.004012,500$ 0.0320
$ 1,050.00300,000$ 0.003537,500$ 0.0280
$ 1,500.00500,000$ 0.003062,500$ 0.0240
$ 2,500.001,000,000$ 0.0025125,000$ 0.0200

If you require more credits, please contact us at [email protected].

File Storage Policy

  • Uploaded Files: Not stored.
  • Response Files: Not stored.