AILabTools API - Live Photos - Introduction

Based on face driving algorithm, it can turn the face in the image into dynamic effect. It can drive the five senses in the image to do specified actions (currently nodding and smiling) to make the face come alive, and the dynamic effects become dynamic to make the user's photo full of motion. The ability subsequently supports the generation of various kinds of dynamic and complex actions by specifying faces that meet the requirements, and can make long-time dynamic expressions. It can be used for online entertainment video generation, expression pack production, etc.

Application Scenarios

  • Event marketing: Generate personalized videos through specific templates at festivals or hot events to attract users' interactive participation and sharing.
  • Video effects tools: Using live photo technology to generate dynamic effects on static faces, making photos full of motion and upgrading the fun play of photos, applied to short videos and social platforms.
  • Personalized expression pack production: select specific templates to make portrait photos dynamic and increase social fun.
  • Rich play: compatible with all kinds of complex expressions of users, and can make dynamic expressions for a long time.
  • High accuracy: accurate recognition of user expressions and prominent expressions in many scenarios.
  • Real-time response: millisecond response processing speed, reflecting dynamic effects in real time.

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