AILabTools API - Smart Beauty - Introduction

Using advanced image processing technology, the input face picture is intelligently changed into beauty. One-click intelligent sharpening, skin tone whitening, face slimming, five features adjustment, spot and acne removal treatment.

Application Scenarios

  • Intelligent beauty: to help cell phone manufacturers, beauty app and other camera class beauty ability, one key intelligent to achieve sharpening skin, skin tone whitening, thin face, five features adjustment, spot and acne treatment.
  • Interactive entertainment: applied to live broadcast, short video, social platforms, easily enhance the user's image.
  • Outstanding algorithm: Based on massive data training and polishing of actual business scenarios, the effect is outstanding.
  • Rich capability: provide rich editable expression types to meet the needs of various business scenarios.
  • Continuous upgrade: Algorithm engineers continuously upgrade algorithms and service engineers provide reliable support.
  • Business-driven: The algorithm continues to iterate in response to business needs, helping to optimize the effect continuously.

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