AILabTools API - AI Skin Beauty - API


  • URL:
  • Method: POST
  • Content-Type: multipart/form-data

Image requirements

  • Image format: JPEG JPG PNG
  • Image size: No more than 6 MB.
  • Image resolution: Larger than 128x128px, smaller than 5000x5000px.
  • Image content: Photos containing 1 to 10 portraits with a clear skin share.
Field Required Type Description
ailabapi-api-key YES string Application API KEY.


Field Required Type Scope Default Description
image YES file
retouch_degree NO float [0, 1.5] 1.0 Dermabrasion intensity. The higher the value, the less visible the skin texture.
whitening_degree NO float [0, 1.5] 1.0 Whitening strength. The higher the value, the whiter the skin.



Field Type Description
error_code integer Status Code.
error_code_str string Error Code.
error_msg string Error Message.
request_id string Request ID.
log_id string Log ID.
data object The content of the result data returned.
+image_url string Resulting image URL address.

[!NOTE|style:flat] The URL address is a temporary address, valid for 24 hours, and will not be accessible after it expires. If you need to save the file for a long time or permanently, please visit the URL address within 24 hours and download the file to your own storage space.


  "error_code": 0,
  "error_code_str": "",
  "error_msg": "",
  "request_id": "",
  "log_id": "",
  "data": {
    "image_url": ""

Code example

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