Face Blur: blur a face in a picture

Introducing Face Blur, the revolutionary artificial intelligence algorithm that automatically blurs faces in images to desensitize them. With Face Blur, you can quickly and easily blur out faces in any image with the click of a button. This cutting-edge technology allows you to protect the identity of people in your photos while still maintaining the quality of the image. Face Blur is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to desensitize their images without sacrificing quality. Get Face Blur today and take your privacy protection to the next level.

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Deep learning algorithms based on artificial intelligence identify and blur faces in photos within seconds.


Face Blur feature, process a photo for as low as $0.03, no charge if you are not satisfied with the result.


Supports API calls, batch processing of blurred faces, can be docked to third party systems to make your own website, APP, etc.


All uploaded items will be cleared within 3 days. No photos will be stored and used for other purposes without your permission.

Before and after photo face desensitization
Before and after photo face desensitization
Before and after photo face desensitization

How to blur faces from photos?

You've posted a photo online but don't want people to see the face in it? Step 1: Visit www.ailabtools.com Step 2: Select AI Solution -> face blur Step 3: Upload your photo Step 4: Click the download button to get the face-blurred photo

Example of blurring a face in a photo
Blurring sensitive faces in photos

Why blur faces from photos

Scenario 1: When you have taken abeautiful landscape photos and want to share it with your family or friends, but you find some unknown faces in the picture, you need to blur them. Scenario 2: When you want to post a photo of a political event online, you need to blur the faces in the picture so that no one can see them.


Want people to see the pixelated face in the photo?

When you post a picture of your perfect body on social media platforms but don't want people to see your face clearly and need a pixelated face, AILabTools face blur will do it for you in seconds. Just upload your photo to the tool, which will return a picture with only your face blurred in just a few seconds.

pixelated face in the photo
AI blurring face in photos

Technical characteristics of AI face blurring

AI technology accurately identifies faces in photos and blurs them without affecting the pixels and quality of the rest of the image.

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