Hairstyle Changer : Change Your Hairstyle Instantly with AI

Introducing Hairstyle Changer - the revolutionary new deep learning algorithm that can transform the look of your portraits in an instant. With Hairstyle Changer, you can add bangs, change hair length, and increase hair volume to create stunningly unique hairstyles. From thick and luxurious locks to sleek and chic bobs, Hairstyle Changer is the ultimate tool for giving your portraits the perfect look. Plus, with its advanced technology, you can trust that the results are realistic and natural-looking. Try Hairstyle Changer today and let your creativity shine!

API Docs


Deep learning algorithms based on artificial intelligence to process portrait hairstyles in images in seconds.


The cost of portrait hairstyle is as low as $0.03, and there is no charge for unsatisfactory results.


Support API call to connect with third party system to create your own portrait hairstyle website, APP, etc.


All uploaded items will be cleared within 24 hours. No photos using portrait hairstyles will be stored and used for other purposes without your permission.

The effect of portrait photos after hair changes
The effect of portrait photos after hair changes
The effect of portrait photos after hair changes

How to try hairstyles for your face online

It takes a lot of courage to change our hairstyle, and we can’t be sure if it’s right for our face until the barber gives us a haircut. We have designed an online virtual hairstyle tool that allows you to check which hairstyle suits your face online easily, and without downloading the application, you need to upload your selfie to our tool and choose the hairstyle you like; we offer a variety of hairstyles for you to choose from and you only need to wait a few seconds to see the photo after changing your hairstyle!

Edit hair online - Add bangs
Online hair editing - short hair to long hair

What is Hair Editor?

We always wonder which hairstyle suits our face when we look in the mirror. Now we have developed an online hair editor tool to enable virtual hair changes online. This tool uses AI recognition technology to replace the hairstyle in your photos easily and does not affect your face shape, helping you achieve a virtual hair change. For example, if you want to replace your curly hair with straight hair, short hair with long hair and many other modes, come and experience it.

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