Change facial expressions

Introducing Change facial expressions! With our advanced image processing technology, you can now edit facial expressions in images, including laughing, pouting, unhappy and smiling. Our technology allows you to quickly and easily transform your photos and videos into amazing works of art with enhanced facial expressions. Our powerful image processing technology helps you bring your images to life, with stunning results. Show your emotions and let your images speak for themselves. Try Change facial expressions now and enjoy the power of advanced image processing technology.

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Based on AI deep learning algorithm, it achieves the modification of portrait expressions in images in seconds.


Complete a photo expression editing for as low as $0.03, no charge if the result is not satisfied.


Support API call, you can dock to third party system to make your own face expression editing website, APP, etc.


All uploaded items will be cleared within 24 hours. Will not store any material using face emoji editing and use it for other purposes.

Face expression editing example
Face expression editing example
Face expression editing example
Face expression editing example

What is a facial expression changer?

Facial expressions are one of the more important aspects of human communication. (e.g., anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, and to a lesser extent, contempt, embarrassment, interest, pain, and shame), and this AI facial expression converter we have is the one that can convert facial expressions in photos online (e.g., convert to laugh, convert to cute expressions, convert to angry expressions, and even convert tightly closed eyes to open eyes); isn't it amazing? Come and experience it!

Facial Expression Changer - Smile turns into a big grin
Facial Expression Changer - Closed eyes turned into open eyes

How to change closed eyes to open eyes in photos

When we take a photo, for some reasons our eyes are closed but we want a photo with open eyes, but there is no way or it is too late to take a new photo, you can use our facial expression editor to achieve this, You just need to upload your photo to our tool and select "Close Eyes to Open Eyes", wait a few seconds to get a photo with eyes open, and it's so natural.

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