Image Erasure: remove object from photo

Introducing Image Erasure, the revolutionary new tool that makes photo editing easier and faster than ever before. With our advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, you can quickly and easily remove objects, people, and text from photos with just a few clicks. Clean up your photos and make them look beautiful with Image Erasure! With our AI-powered technology, the editing process has never been simpler or more efficient. Get perfect results in no time at all – try Image Erasure today!



No technical expertise is required. Just a smear, AI remove object from photo for you.


Remove object from picture for as low as $0.03, no charge for unsatisfactory results.


Support API calls, batch remove text, people and watermarks from photos, connect to third party systems, create your own website, APP.


All uploaded items will be cleared within 3 days. No photos will be stored and used for other purposes without your permission.


How to cleanup of pictures?

Suppose you want a cleanup of your pictures. You can remove unwanted objects or people from a picture in a few seconds with impressive accuracy using AiLabTools. Load your image in the tool and draw over the things or people you'd like to remove. After a few seconds, you'll see it completely gone.

Clean up the object in the picture
Clean up text in images

How to remove text from your like photo?

When you find a picture you like, the text on the image is not what you want. AiLabTools is the best choice for you, upload the photo and draw the text you want to remove and you will get a picture without the text in a few seconds.


Remove unwanted people from the background of your photo

Photographers want to remove people from the picture. AiLabTools is the perfect online platform to remove unwanted objects from photographs. You can clean any images, removing any unwanted things. It is a must-have for professional studios

Clean up people in images
Clean up useless elements in product images

How do I clean up the images of products on my online store?

With AILabToos, you can easily clean up other objects in your online store's product images, making your online store's products look better and more precise, thus increasing your customers' interest and boosting your online store's user base.

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