Head Extraction

Through the artificial intelligence algorithm, the outline of the human head in the image is automatically identified, including the face, hair ears, hair accessories area, excluding the neck, and then returns a transparent image that only the head area is visible. Suitable for single-player scenarios and multi-player scenarios. The input effect of pictures with more obvious portraits will be better.

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Based on deep learning algorithms of artificial intelligence, faces in images are desensitized within seconds.


The cost of a photo face desensitization is as low as $0.03, and there is no charge for unsatisfactory results.


API calls are supported to connect with third party systems to create your own photo face desensitization website, APP, etc.


All uploaded items will be removed within 3 days. Any photos using photo face desensitization will not be stored and used for other purposes.

Portrait photo headshot extraction effect
Portrait photo headshot extraction effect
Portrait photo headshot extraction effect

Cut out big heads as social avatars

If you want to cut out the face of your photo as an avatar for your social accounts but don't know how to cut out the face of your photo, AILabTools head cut out tool can help you to do that, you just need to upload your portrait photo to the tool and within seconds it will generate a photo for you with just the head.

Cut out the head in the photo as the social account avatar
Cut out the head of the dog in the photo

People, animals cut out big head

AILabTools Big Head Cutout is an online tool for creating personalized giant face cutouts. Whether it's an adult, child, cat, dog, etc., you can easily generate the perfect big head cutout photo. Print on any project you can image. Make life, holidays and celebrations more memorable.

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